UX21 Manchester

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Unit X University Project. For this project we were put in groups to design and produce an interesting hoarding for the Circle Square site that is currently under construction. The brief required we pick a word to base a concept upon. We chose ‘Curiosity’. We looked into what makes people curious and ways we could use that information. Our design has changable objects that allow the public to interact with the hoarding.

This design had to be pitched to Bruntwood. I prepared CG images of each object in use and what the user would see. Circle Square is a space that connects different types of people in the same building. Everyone has a curious side, so this idea is very universal to all types of people.
For the pitch I also prepared a virtual reality demo. Demonstrating the hoarding design in use. Along-side this I setup a Wix site to host content so the client could review our pitch. That site can be found here: UX21