Nike SB Zoom Stefan

An original design from the Nike SB line, versions of this shoe are continuously being released with different materials and colours. This project took about 15 hours from start to finish. I modeled from scratch using Blender 3D, I chose Blender because of its efficiency and speed aswell as being my most native software. The modeling process is described in the picture below.

For this project I found using the curve tools very useful and easy to manipulate if something is out of place or needed correcting. The most difficult part was modeling the five punch outs on the front of the shoe, using a boolean method proved too complicated and the mesh was uneven. to overcome this I had to manually draw the geometry to keep a smooth surface as well as keeping the punch outs.

As with any project, rendering is what most interests me. I used Otoy’s Octane renderer, speed of results was needed to preview the materials as I was making them.