Neal Menhinick.
Co-founder and Director at Hinovus.com

This is my personal portfolio of past commissions, projects and personal work. I’ve recently graduated from Manchester’s school of art and put the pedal to the metal working at Hinovus.

I have a vivid imagination and an eye for detail. Since I started learning and using 3D design over a decade ago, I have always been amazed how an idea can so quickly become a reality you can literally step into…

I’ve worked in the architectural and product design industries, learning from the best and working with incredible people and teams. You can view my full resume here.

It’s time to switch things up. Hello new! Since working at Hinovus, we have been experimenting with bleeding edge technologies such as AI, Virtual reality and Augmented reality. What good is technology alone without a game-changing idea? Bashing our heads together grants a unique perspective on the future, how we work, design, and experience.

Our focus is on experiential design, not the features technologies such as AR can provide, but the creative ways they can be used.