Colourful Characters

collll test proof3


For this project we had to create a set of letters that are graphically/aesthetically pleasing. My main inspiration for this water themed result came from studying the photography work of Martin Waugh, Jack Long and Corrie White. These artists have a common interest in capturing the movement of water. The use of coloured inks to improve their photography gave me the idea of chemicals in the lab. The colourful chemicals have spilt into letters, and the circle around the letter gives an impression of a microscope aswell as the low depth of field.


Of Mice and Men Album cover

Fan art drawing of a favorite band of mine. The of Mice and Men “&” logo, covered in ivy. Created using Blender3D, Mangastudio and Photoshop.
ofmiceandmenlogo_2013 comp   ofmiceandmenlogo_2013 invert

Unwise Drawing

The idea of drawing this sprung to my whilst I was browsing tumblr. I gathered reference images together and surrounded myself with them. after sketching around I created a good pose, I then layered drawings ontop of eachother getting increasingly accurate after each pass. This drawing took about 2 days to draw and edit:) drawing was done in manga studio and the colours and composition were changed in Photoshop.
“Unwise”, I have called it this because the owl (symbol of wisdom) has been shot with an arrow representing unwise decisions of human violence. This drawing has been rather popular on deviant art and I have received much positive feedback.