Vanist 17

A photography project for Vanist clothing. Bringin their new products into 2017. I took photo’s of collected models from MMU. The photo’s featured on the online store and social media.

Experimental territory

My uni work is reflecting in my own. These personal graphics are largely inspired by my subject in modern design. Incorporation of text and simple ways to portray idea and feelings.

We fade to grey. Happy holidays! #3ddesign #3dartist #graphicdesigns #artistmafia

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Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D! the motion graphics tool of choice, well I’d better get my head around it. This software is growing in popularity at a strong rate. I also noticed it was in practise at my previous internship. Through university I have been learning the software, these are my first results.

UX21 Manchester

A design that .

Unit X University Project. For this project we were put in groups to design and produce an interesting hoarding for the Circle Square site that is currently under construction. The brief required we pick a word to base a concept upon. We chose ‘Curiosity’. We looked into what makes people curious and ways we could use that information. Our design has changable objects that allow the public to interact with the hoarding.

This design had to be pitched to Bruntwood. I prepared CG images of each object in use and what the user would see. Circle Square is a space that connects different types of people in the same building. Everyone has a curious side, so this idea is very universal to all types of people.
For the pitch I also prepared a virtual reality demo. Demonstrating the hoarding design in use. Along-side this I setup a Wix site to host content so the client could review our pitch. That site can be found here: UX21

Face Value

This project helped me further my skills using InDesign. So far this has been the most interesting project in the university course. We were briefed to produce a layout that would best express the article content. I decided to write my article about human value, and titled it ‘Face Value’. I used photogrammetry to create the imagery for the layout. The intention of this is to aesthetically place value on people.


Eventually I settled on a pure gold colour scheme, after some experiments in blender. The results I am proud of. Underneath I’ve quoted the text from the ‘Face Value’ article.

layout finals GOLDEN A3 V3

What is human value?
By Neal Menhinick

How do we value each other? Does skill, age, and health make one person worth more than another? Does human value change depending on personalities and differences? If you met a stranger, would you treat them like family? There must be some human features that can change the worth of a person. Is your value more than the worth of your organs? Are people from other countries valued differently?

Having asked these questions, I feel there is a strong difference in how people are valued and because of this, how they are treated. We as a society look at disabled people as unfortunate, different. Personally they are valued as equally as everyone else, but I must say, friends with disabilities have more of a value. I will put my family and friends before anyone else. This is because I know them on a personal and deeper level; this is how I value people. Friends start as strangers, but it’s the bond between a person that makes them more than a stranger. So there is potential in every stranger to have a friend, or perhaps something more. People of different race and religion are different in that sense. Not in the way they should be valued differently. Online there is a site where you can calculate your worth in US Dollars. I’m apparently worth $1,995,850. To be honest, I’m not sure what my value is. Who would buy me? And why? This site asks many questions, about one’s physique, age, ethnicity and personality. I haven’t a clue how this is worked out. It is wrong to compare human life to a currency. Money can’t bring back the dead; money can’t bring you love or happiness. Actions speak louder than words. A person’s achievements speak for themselves. This is what people recognise. Take music for example; an artist’s work can be loved by many, giving that artist an intrinsic value. It annoys me how people can look down on people with differences, where they’re life possibilities are as great as any others. This is my view, others may have a different one.


Realflow Demo

I learnt from my time at The-Neighbourhood that Realflow (particle simulation engine) can be used to create complicated and realistic water effects. This software is largely used in the VFX industry to create such effects for films and simulations.

I’ve spent some time learning this software and I’m happy to post my first results!

Using 3DS Max allowed me to use 3rd party render engines, giving me fantastic results! Although importing Realflow simulations does not support motion blur, I found rendering a short sequence then bluing them together afterwards created a similar result.

Excited to use Realflow in future projects!


crystalorange out small

Crystals infused with metal. A clean lit scene with a glowing orange rock in the center. I’v started exploring further into the uses of displacement maps, the rock and metal fragments are created from different maps. Originally just spheres. The crystals were generated and then I moved them so they radiate outwards from the orange glow, drawing your eyes into it.

Created from my crystal sketches

Few crystal sketches