LSD Kenzo and Salt ‘n’ Peppa

Kenzo and Salt ‘n’ Peppa

A university project. We were given themes and filters in groups. We received the theme Kenzo. A fashionable and expensive clothing company. The designers behind Kenzo use jungle patterns and vibrant colours. Something we tried to involve in our group video. The filter was Salt and Pepper, which we used as a literal form in the video and as a metaphoric way. The first half of the video is a black and white section, where Clara is at her lowest, then takes a Tab to lift herself into a colorful and pattern rich film.

Ying&Yang_LSD_Final from Mezwik on Vimeo.


I filmed and edited this video. With use of 3D elements and effects. Connor Moses was art director. Clare Nangreave was acting. Connor, Antony Spiteri, Charlotte Kaye and Laura Lane produced patterns and overlaying animations.


Counter Magazine

For this project I had to do research into old magazines that were iconic and different in the day. Our brief was to create a front cover and two sets of double page spreads, the content had to include information about a guest artist for the magazine. I chose Paul Rand for my artist because of his simplicity and truly amazing colour schemes. I overcame technical issues such as placing text around objects, which I found solutions on the internet. I can use what I’ve learnt fluently for the future. I investigated the composition, layout and colours of the magazine ‘The Face’ for my main research as-well as looking into ‘V Magazine’ and ‘ID Magazine’.