Identity Project

Imagine forgetting your identity, loosing yourself. Going missing. Family and friends would worry where you are, report you missing.¬†You wouldn’t remember anything of your previous life, completely unaware you are living a new identity, or maybe an old identity, someone you used to be. My college project themed “Identity” is about finding your previous identity through clues your family and friends have placed. Graphics and photography based I have expressed some clues as missing posters placed around my college, with myself being the subject.

Saatchi Gallery Trip

Stockport college took our art group to London to explore galleries and sights. Some galleries didn’t allow photography however the Saatchi gallery did which to my luck was my favorite gallery of the trip. I prefer modern art over more traditional art. The majority of modern art is based on similar techniques used in traditional art but applied in a different way or media. I found the London trip overall really inspiring. I would have sat down and made some sketches for myself if I had more time. I took my camera and tried to take as many photos as I could to record my findings.