UX21 Manchester

A design that .

Unit X University Project. For this project we were put in groups to design and produce an interesting hoarding for the Circle Square site that is currently under construction. The brief required we pick a word to base a concept upon. We chose ‘Curiosity’. We looked into what makes people curious and ways we could use that information. Our design has changable objects that allow the public to interact with the hoarding.

This design had to be pitched to Bruntwood. I prepared CG images of each object in use and what the user would see. Circle Square is a space that connects different types of people in the same building. Everyone has a curious side, so this idea is very universal to all types of people.
For the pitch I also prepared a virtual reality demo. Demonstrating the hoarding design in use. Along-side this I setup a Wix site to host content so the client could review our pitch. That site can be found here: UX21

Polaroid FMP

FMP. My final major college project is about cameras and film photography. My sketchbook well documents how my ideas have changed over time, initially I wanted to create a car advert but looking ahead of time, I needed to change my idea so it was realistically possible. I then found a project idea I was happy with, then developed it recording each step. Rebranding Polaroid, a well known company from past to present for producing film cameras. The project theme became: Instant memories.

I wanted to advertise the joys of film photography, and encourage the younger generation to continue using this dying  technology. This project required alot of background research into advertising and the product market. From this I learnt key aspects needed to create a successful advert.

Mixing my knowledge of product design and graphics I produced a new camera design aimed specifically at the project’s audience. The 3D side of the project became a key role featuring in the video. I wanted to show off the new camera design, which was best expressed through the help of visualisation tools. This also allowed me to place the improved camera into the advert seamlessly.

An experiment using 3D printing and motion tracking. For the project I wanted to experiment using new CGI techniques. I took advantage of 3D printing technologies and figured it would be easier to motion track an accurate model generated on the computer. This worked perfectly! This is a short video but shows the trick works. Using a mirror ball environment map of the scene before filming created a further realistic and natural look. Tracked and rendered In Blender3D.


The examiner was pleased with my work, I received a Merit for my final grade 😀



Nike SB Zoom Stefan

An original design from the Nike SB line, versions of this shoe are continuously being released with different materials and colours. This project took about 15 hours from start to finish. I modeled from scratch using Blender 3D, I chose Blender because of its efficiency and speed aswell as being my most native software. The modeling process is described in the picture below.

For this project I found using the curve tools very useful and easy to manipulate if something is out of place or needed correcting. The most difficult part was modeling the five punch outs on the front of the shoe, using a boolean method proved too complicated and the mesh was uneven. to overcome this I had to manually draw the geometry to keep a smooth surface as well as keeping the punch outs.

As with any project, rendering is what most interests me. I used Otoy’s Octane renderer, speed of results was needed to preview the materials as I was making them.



Air Max One

Rendered using Octane for 3ds Max.
The rendering style was inspired by a Adidas Originals ZX Flux advert I walked by in Manchester, I liked the Idea that the shoe colour could be anything you want so they mixed it with the background, creating this camoflage effect. This was simple to setup in onctane. I changed the material to ‘matte’ which would normally be used to mask straight to the background, however this was the desired effect I was going for.