LSD Kenzo and Salt ‘n’ Peppa

Kenzo and Salt ‘n’ Peppa

A university project. We were given themes and filters in groups. We received the theme Kenzo. A fashionable and expensive clothing company. The designers behind Kenzo use jungle patterns and vibrant colours. Something we tried to involve in our group video. The filter was Salt and Pepper, which we used as a literal form in the video and as a metaphoric way. The first half of the video is a black and white section, where Clara is at her lowest, then takes a Tab to lift herself into a colorful and pattern rich film.

Ying&Yang_LSD_Final from Mezwik on Vimeo.


I filmed and edited this video. With use of 3D elements and effects. Connor Moses was art director. Clare Nangreave was acting. Connor, Antony Spiteri, Charlotte Kaye and Laura Lane produced patterns and overlaying animations.


Polaroid FMP

FMP. My final major college project is about cameras and film photography. My sketchbook well documents how my ideas have changed over time, initially I wanted to create a car advert but looking ahead of time, I needed to change my idea so it was realistically possible. I then found a project idea I was happy with, then developed it recording each step. Rebranding Polaroid, a well known company from past to present for producing film cameras. The project theme became: Instant memories.

I wanted to advertise the joys of film photography, and encourage the younger generation to continue using this dying  technology. This project required alot of background research into advertising and the product market. From this I learnt key aspects needed to create a successful advert.

Mixing my knowledge of product design and graphics I produced a new camera design aimed specifically at the project’s audience. The 3D side of the project became a key role featuring in the video. I wanted to show off the new camera design, which was best expressed through the help of visualisation tools. This also allowed me to place the improved camera into the advert seamlessly.

An experiment using 3D printing and motion tracking. For the project I wanted to experiment using new CGI techniques. I took advantage of 3D printing technologies and figured it would be easier to motion track an accurate model generated on the computer. This worked perfectly! This is a short video but shows the trick works. Using a mirror ball environment map of the scene before filming created a further realistic and natural look. Tracked and rendered In Blender3D.


The examiner was pleased with my work, I received a Merit for my final grade 😀



Those Who Seek – “Veritas Occulta”

I Filmed and edited this original music video for “Those who seek”, a small band based in Manchester. I used Sony vegas to composite and use the multi camera function. After the composition was done I then used After effects to overlay effects like glitches and shakes to emphasise the feel. I did this piece working as a member of the LonesomeMedia crew.

Ben Louth 2013 Trailer

A friend of mine (Ben Louth) was enthusiastic about BMX and asked me to collaborate with him in creating a video. There were many attempts of each trick. In-between each failed trick I had time to change position and explore new angles that would look more dynamic. Ben had also directed me as to where he would perform tricks so I knew where to follow him and focus correctly. This video was not the final product but the trailer for the longer version, I am more pleased with this version because of its more artistic approach. In the creating of the video I met other bikers who also wanted a video for themselves, this project was proven popular.