Vanist 17

A photography project for Vanist clothing. Bringin┬átheir new products into 2017. I took photo’s of collected models from MMU. The photo’s featured on the online store and social media.

Experimental territory

My uni work is reflecting in my own. These personal graphics are largely inspired by my subject in modern design. Incorporation of text and simple ways to portray idea and feelings.

We fade to grey. Happy holidays! #3ddesign #3dartist #graphicdesigns #artistmafia

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Car-Design WIP

  • Previously I have built cars from blueprints and reference images. Well for this project (perhaps series of projects) I’m designing from scratch! To start there is always research required. Looking at the big brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and McLaren as main design inspirations. Paying particular attention to body flow. This is an on going project!
  • Using Blender3D I created a scene of lines, that would represent the main features. I will only be using Blender3D for the design part of the project, this will provide high quality blueprints I can work with using other software.
Overall Progress
Line Design (Current Stage)
  • Connector.

    Current Stage

    Many iterations of line design have been made and there are still modifications to make. This stage is vital to the rest of the project.

Counter Magazine

For this project I had to do research into old magazines that were iconic and different in the day. Our brief was to create a front cover and two sets of double page spreads, the content had to include information about a guest artist for the magazine. I chose Paul Rand for my artist because of his simplicity and truly amazing colour schemes. I overcame technical issues such as placing text around objects, which I found solutions on the internet. I can use what I’ve learnt fluently for the future. I investigated the composition, layout and colours of the magazine ‘The Face’ for my main research as-well as looking into ‘V Magazine’ and ‘ID Magazine’.