Nissan GTR

Playing around in 3Ds Max I created this opposing composition of man-made machines. The audience follows the path of the car, the motion blur suggests immense speeds performed by the Nissan GTR. The unmanned Predator drone is flying in the opposing direction and when it’s above the Nissan the photo is taken.


Mendel90 is a design by Nophead that replaces many of the threaded rods and printed parts of the Prusa Mendel with flat sheets of MDF, Dibond, Acrylic or any other stiff sheet material. This simplifies construction, stiffens the frame, and always keeps the axes at 90 degree angles, hence the name.

I got my kit in early 2014, it took a few weeks to build but I’m proud with the quality of the printer, especially for the price. The kit came with a sample green PLA. First prints are bright green!