Under shallow water Hotel

Another personal project during my time at The-Neighbourhood. I was experimenting with using caustics in the Vray rendering engine and came up with the idea to produce a caustics lit scene. This scene is a corridor for a underground hotel. The ceiling is glass and allows the light to glimmer through the shallow water causing interesting and moving lighting.

Amsterdam Apartment

Short personal project during my time at The-Neighbourhood. I wanted to create a modern apartment, using assets I was able to compile the scene quickly. This was my first project using the Vray render engine. I encountered many problems, mainly noise and grain issues. Eventually my render time came to 2.5 hours.
In post, I used an Amsterdam backdrop that fitted the scene perfectly, so my apartment was relocated to Amsterdam.


Photo from our trip to Amsterdam

Air Max One

Rendered using Octane for 3ds Max.
The rendering style was inspired by a Adidas Originals ZX Flux advert I walked by in Manchester, I liked the Idea that the shoe colour could be anything you want so they mixed it with the background, creating this camoflage effect. This was simple to setup in onctane. I changed the material to ‘matte’ which would normally be used to mask straight to the background, however this was the desired effect I was going for.