College project to create a poster promoting the Manchester Science festival. As groups we visited MOSI, Manchester’s museum of science and industry. I did sketches and took many photo’s that could become useful as research. However most of the museum was about locomotion and air travel, I wanted to move away from this and started looking into the small world of Biology.
Scanning electron microscopes took my attention because of the extraordinary level of detail they could produce.
I thought the bright neon colours would stand out on the poster. Using my technical knowledge I was able to recreate the electron microscope effect in a virtual 3D environment I could manipulate. Blood cells are probably the most known or at least easiest cell to recognize. I chose a simple ‘into the distant’ composition.
I’m pleased with the result, my tutor during a group critique session mentioned that would of made a powerful drug awareness poster. I agree with my tutor and I also think there could be many other applicants for the graphic.

Colourful Characters

collll test proof3


For this project we had to create a set of letters that are graphically/aesthetically pleasing. My main inspiration for this water themed result came from studying the photography work of Martin Waugh, Jack Long and Corrie White. These artists have a common interest in capturing the movement of water. The use of coloured inks to improve their photography gave me the idea of chemicals in the lab. The colourful chemicals have spilt into letters, and the circle around the letter gives an impression of a microscope aswell as the low depth of field.