Car-Design WIP

  • Previously I have built cars from blueprints and reference images. Well for this project (perhaps series of projects) I’m designing from scratch! To start there is always research required. Looking at the big brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and McLaren as main design inspirations. Paying particular attention to body flow. This is an on going project!
  • Using Blender3D I created a scene of lines, that would represent the main features. I will only be using Blender3D for the design part of the project, this will provide high quality blueprints I can work with using other software.
Overall Progress
Line Design (Current Stage)
  • Connector.

    Current Stage

    Many iterations of line design have been made and there are still modifications to make. This stage is vital to the rest of the project.

Realflow Demo

I learnt from my time at The-Neighbourhood that Realflow (particle simulation engine) can be used to create complicated and realistic water effects. This software is largely used in the VFX industry to create such effects for films and simulations.

I’ve spent some time learning this software and I’m happy to post my first results!

Using 3DS Max allowed me to use 3rd party render engines, giving me fantastic results! Although importing Realflow simulations does not support motion blur, I found rendering a short sequence then bluing them together afterwards created a similar result.

Excited to use Realflow in future projects!


crystalorange out small

Crystals infused with metal. A clean lit scene with a glowing orange rock in the center. I’v started exploring further into the uses of displacement maps, the rock and metal fragments are created from different maps. Originally just spheres. The crystals were generated and then I moved them so they radiate outwards from the orange glow, drawing your eyes into it.

Created from my crystal sketches

Few crystal sketches

Amsterdam Apartment

Short personal project during my time at The-Neighbourhood. I wanted to create a modern apartment, using assets I was able to compile the scene quickly. This was my first project using the Vray render engine. I encountered many problems, mainly noise and grain issues. Eventually my render time came to 2.5 hours.
In post, I used an Amsterdam backdrop that fitted the scene perfectly, so my apartment was relocated to Amsterdam.


Photo from our trip to Amsterdam

Nissan GTR

Playing around in 3Ds Max I created this opposing composition of man-made machines. The audience follows the path of the car, the motion blur suggests immense speeds performed by the Nissan GTR. The unmanned Predator drone is flying in the opposing direction and when it’s above the Nissan the photo is taken.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan

An original design from the Nike SB line, versions of this shoe are continuously being released with different materials and colours. This project took about 15 hours from start to finish. I modeled from scratch using Blender 3D, I chose Blender because of its efficiency and speed aswell as being my most native software. The modeling process is described in the picture below.

For this project I found using the curve tools very useful and easy to manipulate if something is out of place or needed correcting. The most difficult part was modeling the five punch outs on the front of the shoe, using a boolean method proved too complicated and the mesh was uneven. to overcome this I had to manually draw the geometry to keep a smooth surface as well as keeping the punch outs.

As with any project, rendering is what most interests me. I used Otoy’s Octane renderer, speed of results was needed to preview the materials as I was making them.



Air Max One

Rendered using Octane for 3ds Max.
The rendering style was inspired by a¬†Adidas Originals ZX Flux advert I walked by in Manchester, I liked the Idea that the shoe colour could be anything you want so they mixed it with the background, creating this camoflage effect. This was simple to setup in onctane. I changed the material to ‘matte’ which would normally be used to mask straight to the background, however this was the desired effect I was going for.