Arch-vis at The Neighbourhood

My experience working at The Neighbourhood

“The Neighbourhood create work that gets noticed by thinking harder, pushing further and caring more.”

My experience working at this studio is very positive. I was so glad to be working with a lovely team and be respected for my skill despite my young age at the time. I was given the chance to work on a number of projects during my time at The Neighbourhood, including work on the 2015 JD Christmas advert.

The Neighbourhood are well known in the industry for creating stunning architectural visualisations. I had a chance to work on some of these projects and also learn various software which was new to me at the time like V-ray (a rendering engine to translate CAD data into realistic imagery). In my extra time I created a couple of shots using this software with the help of the team whenever I hit a technical issue.

Copy of Amsterdam Appartment

My timing at the Neighbourhood meant I was invited onto the annual team trip. We went to Amsterdam and enjoyed sightseeing and tours of the beautiful city. I remember particularly getting lost in Amsterdam.. We had hired bikes to visit the more distant places in the city, which worked very well, cycling if you don’t know already is very much appreciated and supported for leisure and commuting in Amsterdam. I was separated from the group following a visit to the pub to return my bike to the shop, one wrong turn completely threw my compass. I hadn’t any data on my phone so google maps was out the window! Long story short, I followed a few other tourists returning their bright yellow bikes, only about 40mins longer than expected. The whole trip to Amsterdam was a good laugh and we stayed in a beautiful floating hotel. Certainly an experience I’d never forget!